Welcome to the SPEED learning room

Wlecome to SPEED learning room

SPEED is committed to leveraging the best technology for knowledge transmission. The webinar is a perfect system that can be used by you, the learner to learn at your speed, in your own time, at your own place. You can get your live course with the best experts gathered together by SPEED via live video, interact with the presenters, obtain study materials, ask questions, get answers to your unique problems and it all costs you almost nothing in comparison to getting such knowledge from a standard educational institute. Indeed, in Sri Lanka, there are no mainstream learning facilities that can give you the type of insights that SPEED WEBINARS can give you. Just click on any of the upcoming webinar sessions and follow the links to register.


Payment is simple: Just use your phone to SMS your fee as a reload.

Attending the seminars is simple: Just use any smart device (phone, tablet, fablet, PC).


You are all set.

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