International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education

 SPEED is currently a member of The International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education (IPSSPE).







ICSSPE was founded in the late 1950s with the aims of maintaining an inclusive perspective on the different disciplines of sport, sport science and physical education, and of furthering a continuing collaboration between them. It brings together a wide range of scientific and professional organisations of various sport branches and disciplines, and creates the possibility for interdisciplinary collaboration.



ICSSPE is the world’s largest network of organisations and institutions concerned with sport, sport science and physical education, accounting for millions of people. Among others, the Council belongs to the associated bodies of UNESCO and co-operates with the sport movement. By fostering sport, exercise, education and health, ICSSPE contributes to the development of human society. The organisation operates with the intention to


  • Investigate for a better scientific understanding of all facets of human movement;
  • Educate for a better quality of life and improved health for all people;
  • Advocate for the benefits related to an active lifestyle and the ethical values inherent in sporting activity.


ICSSPE Program


ICSSPE is committed to enhancing awareness of human values inherent in movement and sport, aiming to contribute to a strong sporting sector, high quality physical education and improved health worldwide. ICSSPE's core functions are Science, Service and Advocacy.



Actively engaged in linking theory to practice, ICSSPE provides a world-wide network for an interdisciplinary and professional exchange between experts. It pursues developments and promotes research in sport and physical education. To discuss and disseminate contemporary scientific findings and international issues in relation to sport, ICSSPE leads and co-ordinates, in cooperation with partners, the organisation of international events such as the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS).


Aiming to invigorate scientific research, the Council annually awards the Philip Noel-Baker Research Award. This prestigious award is named for the Nobel Prize winner and former President of ICSSPE and recognises those who have substantially contributed to sport science at an international level. ICSSPE also supports institutions of sport science and physical education in countries with limited financial means.



Through its vast interdisciplinary network, ICSSPE facilitates dialogue between different scientific branches and institutions and promotes research results, conference announcements and other relevant information.


In some cases, members of ICSSPE may also apply for financial support for their international activities.


Beyond this, the Council provides help and expert advice to partner organisations outside of its network, including UN agencies, the International Olympic Committee as well as national ministries concerned with sport, education and science.



ICSSPE acts as a voice for sport, physical education and for sport sience towards governmental, economic and administrative partners.

  • Building on these core functions ICSSPE's work is defined by three strategic priorities:
  • Ethics and integrity;
  • Quality physical education;
  • Healthy living across the lifespan and the human performance/human development continuum.


To implement and pursue the objectives of sport and physical education, and thereby shape their status worldwide, ICSSPE promotes sustainable and innovative scientific research. The ICSSPE flyer can be found in the attached pdf online version.


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