International Federation of Sports Medicine

International Federation of Sports Medicine

SPEED is a member of the International Federation of Sports Medicine.


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The International Federation of Sports Medicine / Fédération Internationale de Médécine du Sport (FIMS) was established in 1928, shortly after the first Olympic Games as we know them today had been held. Physicians from eleven countries founded the “Association Internationale Médico-Sportive” (AIMS), the name was later changed.


Today, FIMS is a structured and well-organized international association, strongly committed to the promotion and development of Sports Medicine throughout the world. FIMS is home to four Continental Sports Medicine Associations and 117 National Sports Medicine Associations worldwide, uniting 125.000 sports physicians from 117 countries. Recognized by the IOC, the IPC and an Associate Member of SportAccord, FIMS actively networks and links with all relevant international sports and political organizations. The purpose and administration of FIMS is clearly set out in its Statutes and By-Laws.


FIMS' educational function is strongly promoted through its courses (Team Physician Development Courses and more recently further course models) and pubications (FIMS Team Physician Manual), regional and international events, a biannual World Congress etc., and the publication of clinical scientific information related to sports medicine (FIMS Position Statements).


Federation activities:



  • Supporting national and continental scientific meetings;
  • Hosting a biannual FIMS Sports Medicine World Congress;
  • Hosting regular Team Physician Development Courses in all continents;
  • Developing a network of FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine worldwide;
  • Distributing publications on important sports medicine matters on a regular basis
  • FIMS Team Physician Manual
  • FIMS Position Statements prepared by the FIMS Scientific Commission
  • Providing all FIMS members access to the British Journal of Sports Medicine.



  • Hosting regional and international Sports Medicine conferences
  • Fostering and nurturing contacts with sports medicine organisation and specialists worldwide
  • Developing the network of the Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine
  • Maintaining relationships with the relevant political bodies


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