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National Youth Policy -Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka National Youth Policy -Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka HOT
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This National Youth Policy (NYP) takes as its primary organizing principle, the need to be guided by a core set of humanizing ethics and values that can be passed from one generation to another. It is concerned with not merely addressing ‘youth problems’ or ‘youth as a problem’ but to consider how youth can be empowered to engage in addressing the broader challenges of society. This policy is also concerned with ensuring that young people are sensitive to one another, appreciate and adjust to diversity, respect alternative views and set themselves high aspirations while tempering those aspirations with a social conscience.
The NYP recognizes and celebrates the potential of youth – not merely in symbolic terms but through concrete measures to enable, ensure and empower the youth of this country. It recognizes that socially responsible, ethically conscious and politically aware youth are integral in our nation’s search for a just and peaceful society.


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