Who are we?

The civil organization Sport for Peace, Education, Empowerment and Development (SPEED) was established as a national Non-Governmental Organization via an act of parliament by a dedicated team of young men and women who had recognized and noted the fact that there was no single agency at the time of its inception that was capable of addressing the many opportunities to leverage sports for peace and development (SDP) nor the capabilities or networking potential to address the grassroots gaps in engineering the enabling environment for sports performance development (SPD).

In formulating the idea for SPEED, most crucially, this team recognized that civil agency has the greatest potency to a) engage for outreach b) engage for policy coherence c) create the most conducive enabling environment for triggering a groundswell for performance excellent d) obtain the assistance of multiple local and international experts to support such an initiative and e) create the infrastructure, impact strategies and process system required for development of sport, sports research and SDP.

Vision and Mission statement

SPEED value statement


The Operational Objectives of SPEED:


 SPEED thrust areas