Proposed sport science program

Proposed sport science program


The sports science program has a primarily support function, providing outputs of internationally accepted applied sports science to coaches and athletes. Additionally, it will have an R&D component that will engage in exploring possibilities and opportunities for using low cost nutritional alternatives, low cost equipment etc. turned out locally and capable of filling the equipment and nutrition gap in lower income groups, vulnerable groups and rural communities.

Proposed sport science program structure

SPEED shall provide a comprehensive sports science program to its sports school through which it aims to provide a solution to a gap that has seen many of our athletes suffer career ending injuries or post-competition medical issues due to lack of scientific nutritional, biomechanical, biochemical and psychological responses to their sporting issues and imperfect treatment for their performance related injuries. For each of the above mentioned units in Diagram 3, a specific team of highly qualified individuals will be recruited. Additionally, SPEED plans to work closely with the state, university system and private sector organizations to collate information and knowledge as well as strategize for universal commonalities with respect to approaching sport development through sound scientific processes.

For these purposes, it will provide high quality facilities for researchers, scientists and academics working in the field of sports science. With vital collaboration and partnerships with acclaimed international educational bodies, this project will have access to ongoing new research and latest sports science theories.

Additionally, in the area of talent identification it will support the outreach program of SPEED in vetting and shortlisting the best rural talent in the country for each of the ten disciplines it will program at the sports school.