Proposed outreach program


The sports school is responsible for the comprehensive development of athletes and its primary objective is to prepare young athletes for successful careers in their specific disciplines through technical, tactical, psychological and behavioral development. A parallel objective prepares these athletes for success in mainstream education and academics giving them an overall development package useful in both in-competition and post-competition eras of their lives.

Outreach program planSPEED understands the critical importance of creating strong ties with the UN SDP program, commonwealth programs, the IOC and related international sports bodies. Therefore, the key to the success of the program is a very capable team of facilitators who will work with all these bodies to fine tune the programming of its activities to mesh well with international efforts and thus put Sri Lanka back on the map as an excellent world partner in its efforts to achieve the MDGs and the post -2015 agenda.
Further, SPEED has the capacity to bring together stakeholders, experts and citizens needed to mainstream sports development and sport for development and peace. The site for the hub has been carefully chosen in a multiethnic disctrict and the outreach will commence with these groups, gradually expanding out to encompass the entire nation. While the sports school and sports science programs have a comparatively narrower scope of activities, the outreach program consisting of strategists, policy advocates, social scientists, anthropologists, environmentalists, activists and volunteers shall perform much of the grass roots exercises for promoting performance in sport and sport as a channel for social integration.  For these purposes four teams will be created for a) strategy, b) SDP, c) networking and d) fund raising. These will form the overarching team that will ensure that all programs of SPEED work smoothly together and the project is managed for results with strong ownership among target communities, and harmonization and alignment with national and international policies.