Proposed built environment

Proposed built environment


SPEED, as mentioned in chapter 4 above, will be situated in the Trincomalee district on a 200 acre plot of land. The facilities will be constructed according to LEEDS guidelines for a 4 green star rating. At present, moves are in place to power the entire facility via renewable energy sources thereby adhering to the highest standards of green workplaces.

Proposed facilities

The built areas of SPEED will be constructed to minimize energy usage and the grounds and environment created to optimize thermal comfort via natural canopies and shading. A most important aspect of the facilities will be the community and recreational areas where parents, members of the greater community and other interested individuals can engage with the athletes, staff and SPEED personnel creating a sense of belonging of the facilities to the communities and creating a greater synergy for social integration and peace. The access to young athletes will be firmly within Child Protection good practice, or within a Child Protected environment overarched by cultural sensibilities on this area. Additionally, it will give them an impetus to create an ambition among younger members to aspire to become part of the SPEED athletic community.

The residential areas will be gender segregated and age appropriate and in keeping with the culture and traditions of Sri Lankan society. These will be well appointed and ensure that students have comfortable lodgings while the kitchens and cafeterias will provide subsidized or free meals to the athletes and their next-of-kin when they choose to visit.

Apart from the mandatory requirements for a sports facility, there will be a separate area where the athletes will engage in mainstream education activities and the library that is planned for this area is separate from that which is exclusively for sport and sport related material.